Printing your photographs

Some of the most common questions I get are about purchasing prints, print finishes, etc. And it makes sense - that's the last step in the process.

Whether you're ready to hang a few pictures on the wall or make a beautiful scrapbook with lots of images from your session or wedding, you'll need to purchase prints.


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The first place I recommend purchasing your photographs is directly from your gallery on my website.  I work directly with professional photo labs in order to offer you the best printed photographs you'd be able to get anywhere.  These are the the same labs I have been using to print all of my photos, for personal use and gallery use, for over a decade. 

These photo labs include:

BayPhoto Lab (California) - This lab is every gallery's default photo lab.  Of the four photo labs available through my website, it is in the mid-range as far as pricing.  I've chosen this lab as the default since I have the most experience using this lab.  They have great customer service, amazing prints, and are priced the most reasonably in my opinion for the quality you receive. 

WHCC - White House Custom Colour (Minnesota) - This is the most expensive photo lab I have available through my website.  And is available to you upon request. 

Loxley Colour (Scotland) - Priced in between WHCC and BayPhoto, however with shipping from Scotland, most of my clients do not opt for Loxley Colour, but is still available by request.

EzPrints (Georgia) - The lowest priced option of all the galleries I use through my website. When I need to print 100+ 4x6's at a time for scrapbooking, this is the lab I use.  Great quality and great prices!  This lab is also available upon request. 

And these labs don't just offer paper prints, they offer keepsakes as well.  For example: mugs, refrigerator magnets, photo puzzles, buttons, key tags, mouse pads, coasters, playing cards, iPhone cases, etc

- Online Print Stores -

Shutterfly, Snapfish, Mpix, Amazon Print, AdoramaPix, Nations Photo Lab

These are a few of the most popular options when it comes to printing your photos online.  I personally do not use any of these.  I was the most disappointed with the quality of prints I received from Shutterfly. However, if you're going to use any of these I would recommend Mpix, AdoramaPix or Nations Photo Lab.       

- 1 Hour Photo Stores -

CVS Photo, Walmart Photo, Walgreens Photo, Target Photo, Rite Aid Photo

These are a few of the most popular options when it comes to 1 hour photo printing. I rarely find a reason when I need prints in an hour.  The main reason is because you are not going to get great quality from a 1 hour photo lab.  They also only carry glossy photo paper in 1 hour photo stores.  If you find yourself wanting to get prints in an hour I would recommend Walgreens or CVS.  I was most disappointed with the prints from Rite Aid.

These stores also all have online options available.  In their online stores you will have more options, such as matte photo paper.  When printing photos at one of these stores through their online service I would recommend Walgreens Photo Online.  


Print finish, or the type of paper used to print your images on, is a personal choice.  However, here are my opinions on print finish if you're having trouble choosing.

Lustre/Pearl/Matte Finish - These will forever be my favorite photo finishes/paper types.  They have the most "finished" look and look great in frames. They also look great under page protectors in scrapbooks. As far as print finishes go they are usually right in the middle as far as cost.

Glossy finish - This is my least favorite photo finish/paper type.  This finish does not do well in frames as it will sometimes appear wet behind the glass in certain spots.  When it comes to scrapbooks, a glossy print under a glossy page protector doesn't look the best.  Also depending on the lighting you are viewing the image under, you may have to angle it to see it fully.  As far as print finishes go glossy prints are usually the cheapest when it comes to cost.

Metallic finish - This is a high gloss, high saturation finish that makes images appear almost as if they've been printed onto metal.  I haven't found a time when I've ever thought a metallic finish was necessary. This finish is the most expensive print finish available through my website.       

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