Below is a list of questions I am frequently asked for your convenience.  However, please feel free to send me an e-mail at victoriajudyphoto@gmail.com with any additional questions you might have. 

• Do you give clients every photo you take?
   No.  The average portrait session client will receive 30-50 photos which means I've shot at least 300-500 images.  The same goes for wedding clients.  I shoot so many photos in order to make sure you end up with the best possible images.  So there's no need for the extras.

• Do you give clients RAW image files?
   No.  While I do shoot RAW files, I do not give them to my clients.  I prefer to give my clients only edited, finished photo files.

• Why do I need to e-mail you for wedding pricing?
   No two wedding photo packages are the samejust like no two weddings are the same.  To give accurate pricing I prefer to talk to you and see what your specific needs are for your special day.  There's a big difference between 4 hours of wedding coverage and 12 hours of wedding coverage.

• Do I have to purchase prints from your website?
   No. Once you receive your digital files you may print them anywhere you like.  However, you do have the capability to print your photos directly from your gallery on my website.  I work with a professional photo lab to give you the best quality printed images you can find. 

• Can I post photos from my session to my social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)?
   Yes.  I love when clients share their photos on their social media pages.  However, all photos must be credited to Victoria Judy Photography and tagged with the appropriate tag for the social media account.

• How large can I print my photos from my session with you?
   20x30 inches. You will safely be able to print as large as 20x30 inches without compromising resolution.  (This size and up to 30x40 inches are available to print off of my website)

• What type of camera/equipment do you use?
   I'm a Canon girl. I shoot with a Canon 70D and several Canon lenses, including: 18-135mm lens, 28mm lens,  and a 50mm lens.  I do own a Canon Speedlite external flash, but since I normally shoot using natural light, I only bring out the old external flash for indoor wedding receptions.

• Do you backup our images?  What if I lose my images?
   Yes.  If for any reason you lose your downloaded images your gallery remains on my website, and you will be able to download your images again.  I also backup every portrait session and wedding at home on external hard drives. 

• Why is there an additional fee if we pay with a credit card or PayPal Transfer?
   Credit card companies charge retailers anywhere from 2.9%-3.5%.  In order to accept credit cards without incurring losses I charge an additional fee of 3% for those who wish to use them.  Most gas stations give you a discount per gallon if you use cash vs. credit, it's the same principle.

• How long have you been a photographer?
   June 2008.  I have been taking photos almost my entire life.  I went to college to study  photography and received my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art Photography in 2008 from Arizona State University.  I have been working professionally under the name 'Victoria Judy Photography' since June 2008.  Check out my "About Me" page for more of my story.

• Do you offer any video services?
   No. I currently do not offer any professional video services. 

• Do you offer any discounts?
   Yes.  Currently, the only discount I offer is a 10% discount to active duty, reserve, and retired military personnel. 

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