About Me

Hi there! I'm Victoria. I spent four years studying photography in college, and now I enjoy using the art of photography to study my world, the world of those around me, and to create new worlds. 

I love how being a photographer allows me to meet so many new people. I've been taking pictures since I received my first film camera in 1993, a 110 Crayola camera.

Photography is my biggest passion. It can do so many things: tell stories, capture memories, even transcend time.

I am in love with film! I love black & white and color film, along with black & white and color darkroom processes. You can still catch me shooting with film, however I did I join the Digital Age in 2008 when I purchased my first Digital SLR.

I am a military wife who currently lives in Delaware with my husband, son, and two pups. I currently work primarily in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. But I love to travel! Especially to Arizona!

E-mail me if you have any questions - victoriajudyphoto@gmail.com

Below are photos others have captured of me doing what I do best.

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